“I am stronger and wiser than I sometimes allow myself to be.”

“I have learnt that anything is possible as long as we believe in what we want to
do, need to do for life.”

New Subud Youth Quest at Rungan Sari reports a GREAT SUCCESS!!

Subud Youth Activities International (SYAI) and and YES Quest Team – July, 2011

The Subud Youth Quest in Rungan Sari, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia has just finished and first reports are of a big success.  Congratulations to all involved.  It was sponsored by the SYAI and financially supported by the Guerrand Hermes Foundation for Peace.

Marlena, resting up in Bali, reports…

In short, the YES Quest was a huge success. We ended up with 15 participants (4 women and 11 men) from India, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, England. And they all had an amazing experience. It was fun, moving, inspiring and powerful. The program ran smoothly and achieved all the results that we wanted for them and they wanted for themselves.


The adventure was great with longhouse, jungle trek and cultural exchange. Bjorn was great. There was an exciting football match between YQ and Palangkarya. Isti was superb with organising all the cooks and food. Sandra was a wonderful financial controller. Pascal filmed the whole thing and I am sure will come out with a great documentary. And of course all Silvana's organising was wonderful. So all in all, a fabulous experience.

Surya, one of the participants from India, reports…

… when I reach Kalimantan I felt something feeling great by inner self. I felt I was blessed in Rungansari. Yes Quest has given me the opportunity to know about me more by my inner and outer self. I am able to find out where I am now with my Goal & Objective in very clear manner. I meet Subud Brothers and Sisters from different places we had a chance to share the experience each other in a positive way. We learned so many things in a group and we had a chance throw out our egos. Especially the Facilitators helped us to find out ourselves in a step by step process both inner and outer journey of life. All the participitants felt … the family bond in Yes Quest team. We enjoyed  alot during our journey in to Jungle without any fear. That is the Spirit given by Yes Quest to all Participitant's.

When we are completed our Quest by end of the program we are not in a stage to leave the Rungansari because we all are bonded with love and affection. Thank You Yes Quest Team and IYTF for sponsored me to the Yes Quest 2011.

Send comments to   silvana@yesquest.org or Lucinda at  SYAI@yesquest.org or comment on our FaceBook page.

We expect more reports and feedback and, eventually, a new doco film from Pascal.

We also thank the Guerrand Hermes Foundation for Peace for their continuing financial support, and the International Youth Travel Fund who subsidised the travel cost of a number of participants.


Long Term Follow-up Study Outcomes Show the Value of the Quest

Follow-up Survey Update May, 2011

Following requests from funders and potential supporters of YES quest, we embarked on a survey of past YES Quest participants (alumni) to identify the impact and benefit of the YES Quest experience on the participants' subsequent career and life.  This meant contacting participants from Quests as far back as 2001. Results are in and were processed earlier in the year.

Some  survey outcomes include…


Although the number of responses was small, due to contact difficulties, the outcomes show very positive responses to the YES Quest experience, with a high percentage reporting substantial achievement of the initial goals (first 12 months) and important long term benefits in the areas of personal learning, self-knowledge and deep change, which can flow into all aspects of their lives, as well as life direction. It is also apparent that the programme had both substantial short-term and long-term impacts.

It is likely that the YES Quest experience helped many young participants discover and understand what they needed to know more efficiently and effectively than if they had not attended a YES Quest programme, thus saving many young people some years of ‘experimental’ time in searching for a ‘right path’ for themselves.

The outcomes obtained and reported to our sponsors helped secure further funding.

Many thanks for all the Questers who have completed the survey.  For more information contact Marcus.


Quest @ Congress Project Updates

Roland's Second 'Theatre of Life' Event Success Dec, 2010

Roland was stoked about his first Theatre of Life event.  His second one has been a greater success with over 100 participants, and we have heard since he has landed a 'great job'.  Congratulations Roland.