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“The Quest gave me time to reflect on my life and life direction.  Gaining clarity and making commitment”

"Brilliant moments for me on the quest; the skit on life when I realized I could cry in front of everyone and still be able to fly to heaven, and the poster I made. I sometimes think of the shape on the poster and it gets me on track again. The whole experience of hiking and camping in the Rainforest was absolutely wonderful. I had dreams such that when I awoke I thanked the universe, the gins, and God – which I had never done before.

So, my ultimate conclusion to the quest, is that it was a special experience. And to say Thank You to those who listened, who had compassion, and who took joy in the human process. My goals in life have changed a bit from what I said during the quest... and change is good. "
– Heather Crider, USA





"The Yes Quest is something I will carry with me forever. It was a life within a life and a death of those things that had passed and were no longer needed. It was a birthplace and a burial ground. It was complete and yet never ending. It was adventure and growth and change. "
Sonia Demsey, Australia


“The biggest thing that I got out of the Yes Quest was learning how I to relate to people. It’s helped me to examine situations and realise how I impact on those around me. It’s also helped me realise how those around me impact on me, and although it is often only after the fact, it is something that I had never done before – the Quest. Human relations has always been my biggest fear and these days it’s becoming more a joy, and that makes me happy! "
– Roland Fraval, Australia


"I will always have that time and that gift which we all shared. Sometimes life just grinds you down until everything’s a struggle and you feel you are dragging a weight around your heart. It takes a little time every now and again to stop and relive what we went through, and when I do I always end up with a big old smile on my face!! "
– Lucian Gawen, UK


"For me the Quest was finding clarity in the unfocused frame, pulling back to reveal the wide angle. It was like going from caterpillar to butterfly in one fell swoop. The Yes Quest to me at this time in my life is an inspiration for me to succeed. For me to be in my own true self.”
– Hamilton Pevec, Canada


"The YES Quest at Seven Circles was the creation of a safe and sacred space for personal exploration of life directions for all who participated. The masterful YES Quest team … has a magic in the combination of what they each bring to the process, providing insight, care, compassion, and humor. The YES Quest experience is an incredibly well put together mix of activity that nurtures a mind-body-spirit connection, a process involving a deep and intense personal exploration of who one is, looking to identify talents and strengths, life goals, obstacles, excess baggage that prevents the fulfilment of talents and abilities, and importantly making intentions and mapping out plans in awareness of personal "trip ups" and sabotage tendencies."
– Lusijah Rott, USA

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“At first I was reluctant when I heard about the Yes, or should I say Holiday Quest, since I didn’t feel the need to participate.
I didn’t think it could bring me anything. I knew what I wanted to do with my life; I knew my goals and the way to achieve them. Yet, I decided to give it a try, explaining that I wanted to change certain things in my behavior which appeared to be some kind of obstacles for my happiness. Slowly and without warning, I was faced with all kinds of emotions, good and bad memories just kept coming back to me. I realized that a lot of my issues which seemed minor to me were linked to much deeper ones or to significant events in my childhood and youth. Everything became clearer… “
– Angelina Sanchez, France


"What I have learned from it cannot all be described in words, but I can tell you that it was an exquisite experience. Having fun with strangers who turn out to be your best friends. Gaining knowledge about different cultures and especially learning about yourself. "Who am I? Where am I? What are my talents, and What are my weak points? What is my goal in life, and How can I achieve it?"

All those questions got into sharper focus. And as said before, it's a quest that never ends. I still think of it everyday and those memories make me feel happy. All obstacles that were stuck in my head and in my feelings and which prevented me to live my daily life to the MAX, I could share with friends and strangers alike? "
– Aisjah Sillem, Belgium

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