Are you ready to do something extraordinary?
To join with other young people and share an experience of challenge, self-discovery and fun?
To come away truly knowing who you are, and what you want to do with your life?
Then you are ready for the... YES Quest!

YES Quest

Your opportunity to claim your birthright;
To be who you were born to be; and
To do what you were born to do.


We live at a time when there are many pressures from the media, parents, teachers, music, friends, religion… It may seem that everyone is an expert on what you should do with your life. The Yes Quest gives you time, space and support to remember who YOU truly are! The YES Quest is an inner journey and an outer journey.

connect to who you are
The inner journe
y takes you into a deep personal development experience.
With skilled support, you will face your past, your fears and the ways you sabotage yourself. You will explore the treasures and talents within yourself and develop the confidence and commitment to fully express them in your life and work.

then act on it
The outer journey gives you the opportunity to activate your new awareness, honour the inner change and take that first step!

adventure, experience, a life purpose


YES Quest programs take place in different locations around the world…
but wherever you are on a Quest, you can expect the following:

  • A residential program that can run for seven days to three weeks;
  • Beautiful venues that you would want to visit on a holiday;
  • A great group of young people you can share your experiences and have fun with;
  • Support of facilitators who are skilled, supportive and very experienced;
  • Opportunities for self-exploration, creative expression, outdoor activities, team building
    and community sharing.

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